osi stand w/ resin kit on itAfter moving into an inner city terrace house , with my family, I realized that there was no room for a fixed surfboard repair spot.

Not being able to fix my own boards or using chairs as a stand wasn’t an option for me nor my children.

This was the time when I first came up with the idea of OSISTANDS.

A proper stand to fix boards in our limited space but with the benefit of all permanent fixtures. OSISTANDS was born.

I have fixed countless boards on it and taught my children the same.

OSISTANDS is a companion on all our surfing trips around Australia, as lightweight and store away if not needed.

2009 , I started to develop OSISTANDS and now it is time to share this idea with all of you.

Ashley Morris of D&N Engineering is one of brains behind it and without Ashley’s input and guidance I would not be here to share OSISTANDS with you today.


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You get a truly unique Aussie (OSI) invention. Specially designed with board riders in mind. Easy maintain and display your board with an OSISTAND. Only $ 595.00

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